Botox Treatment for Younger Looking Skin

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The Botox Treatment in Vijayawada by our experts at Dr Srinivas Skin Clinic Vijayawada stands as an epitome of the statement – Age is just a number. Wrinkles, folds, sagging/loose skin etc. are common among men and women as they age. Botox, Mesobotox, fillers etc. help is reducing these effects of ageing by working on the related muscles.


Botox is injected into the skin in very small concentrations under expert supervision. It prevents the excessive straining of muscles which results in delaying the signs of ageing.


Mesobotox is also a similar procedure which uses the same medicine used in botox but, it relaxes the hyperactive muscle cells that are responsible for the wrinkles and fine lines on the underlying skin and also it supplements healthy vitamins, restorative acids, amino acids etc. that help in building the collagen in the thinning skin where it is required.


Fillers on the other hand help in bringing back the volume and fullness to the facial skin. Ageing results in thinning of skin surface making it closer to the facial muscles. Smile lines and crow’s feet are the after effects of this phenomenon. Apart from the age factor, this may also happen due to sun exposure, heredity and lifestyle. Fillers are used to hydrate the skin and bring back volume to it, resulting in a younger looking skin

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