Geriatric Dermatology

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Geriatric dermatology is the subspecialty of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of skin disease in older adults. Although skin issues might sometimes appear minor compared with other major diseases frequently seen during this aged group, precise diagnosis and correct management can help reduce the morbidity and can positively influence their life quality. Because of different senile changes in skin, elderly group are prone to certain dermatological disorders. The most common cutaneous diseases that will be characterized in this article are broadly categorized into inflammatory dermatoses, cutaneous infections vascular disorders, and neoplasm&rsquo. Managing these cutaneous diseases in elderly people require particular consideration to their inherent physical and physiological weaknesses and related complicated problems.

The most popular geriatric skin issues are:

Dr Srinivas-Skin Clinic have the Best Geriatric Dermatologists in Vijayawada with better knowledge of and more attention to dermatological problems in elderly patients, we have a greater chance to help relieve their discomfort, particularly annoying pruritus or pain, and promote their well-being.

A: Dry and itching skin is a common problem among adults, especially with age. The loss of oil glands (which help to keep the skin soft) is the chief cause of dry skin. Rarely, dry and itchy skin may be a sign of diabetes, kidney disease or even related liver disease.
A: Pruritus is defined as an unlikable sensation of the skin that provokes the urge to scratch. Pruritus is one amongst the most common skin complaints within the elderly. Its occurrence is ever increasing with the hasty growth of the elderly population.

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